Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stand Up! (Juneathon Post #10)

A few of us in our office got stand up desks.

Every once in awhile I would read an article about how sitting is the new smoking (like this one from Runner's World or this one from the Washington Post) and I get concerned that my job is too sedentary. Because it is.

So I got crafty and made myself a stand-up desk:

See how resourceful it is? Those are boxes of our office's annual alumni magazine (would you like one? We have some extras) and an old piece of posterboard. The laptop is on a separate stand; I would switch to it when I wanted to sit down.

My colleagues made lots of fun of my resourceful desk. They said it was tacky (that's not the actual word that was used, but it's more polite than the actual word that was used).

Then the group across the hall got some Vari-Desks. As devoted I was to my DIY desk, I jumped on board that train and voila!

It's even got room for coffee!
So now I can run in the morning and not undo all that exercise goodness by sitting on my can all day.


  1. I kind of like your resourcefulness of the cardboard box desk!

  2. This is awesome! I've failed to talk my boss into buying me one...it never occurred to me I could make my own!

  3. Deb, my coworkers made so much fun of me! And Kimberly -- show your boss the WaPo articles! A bunch of people in the office got them so they kind of broke the ice for me. I was lucky.