Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday Word: Accountability (and Fear!)

I took an after-dinner walk the other night and ran into my friend Robin, who was out walking her crazy dog. She was talking about a yoga class she'd signed up for and added, "Unlike you, I am not disciplined enough to exercise on my own. I need a class to go to."

I was really flattered she said that. But really, it's not discipline that gets me to run a few times a week and cross train on the others. It's fear some of the time, but mostly accountability.

Accountability is what we're writing about for the Wednesday Word link-up at; go check out the link below to see what some other accountable runners are writing about.

Deb Runs

When you have a schedule on the fridge of the training you need to do for an event, you get very tied to checking off each day's training. You want to see those checks! In the same way, I hate looking at my Daily Mile training log and seeing missed days.

I tend to exercise solo most of the time, so I don't have a crew or a trainer to account to. I've got my logs and lists, though, and they're pretty powerful.

And that marathon at the end of the training calendar -- that's the fear! It's pretty powerful, too.

Monday, August 31, 2015

M is for More Miles

I started out with "M" is for "mileage" but then realized I DID THAT 2 WEEKS AGO. These are the things that happen when you write early in the morning before your coffee level is correct.

But anyway, I am loving my miles today because I just had one of my heaviest mileage months ever (at 135 miles) and my feet are not yelling at me.

It is a good day!

A big chunk of those miles was my first 16-er in a long, long time -- we did that on Saturday. Linda and I met at the Vienna Community Center for a couple of out-and-backs on the W&OD trail. We saw deer. We saw massive groups of Moms Run This Town and Team in Training runners getting their long runs in for the fall races. We saw my Reynolds cousins, first Megan and then David, but even though I hollered at them they steadfastly ran on. This was likely because

  1. They had their music up too loud, or
  2. They were in the zone, or
  3. They were taking turns getting their runs in while the other stayed with their young kids and they were like, gah, it's Anne, she's gonna talk my ear off I don't have time for that.

As my mom would have said, the jury's out on that one.

At one point in our last loop, there was a quite-a-bit older man standing on the side of the trail, waving and saying hooray at all the runners. We high-fived him.

I felt a little bad for Linda because we had done our 14's together last week and I'm completely out of anecdotes. I am going to store up some stories by the time we do our 18s in a couple of weeks, even though I know she's not judgy like that.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Is Ambition Moving You?

It's Wednesday, and even better than hump day, it's the day to link up with some terrific bloggers at Click on the link below to see what they are writing about this week's Wednesday Word, which is


Deb Runs

I work in a university, so I see ambitious people all the time. They are the students (and the faculty members) who aren't just there, getting done what they need to do. They're the ones who are getting it done with a little bit of hustle. They're going somewhere. They have a plan. And drive.

And it's the same with running. You can get out there, day after day, doing the same thing, and that's really pretty good. You're still doing better than most people. But having an ambition, seeing a Point B to move towards, takes it up a notch. And that's good, too.

What's your ambition?

Monday, August 24, 2015

M is for Mammogram

"Double M" today for My Mammogram.

I had a 7:00 am appointment for that thing which is what you want because you're not supposed to wear deodorant and please, summer in Virginia without deodorant? You want to rectify that situation ASAP.

Here comes the backwards math:

The appointment was at 7 in Arlington, and I wanted to give myself about 45 minutes to get there because traffic.

45 minutes of traffic + 30 minutes to shower and fix up that hair (you don't save that much time by skipping deodorant) + 60 minutes to run + 15 minutes to recover from said run = my alarm went off at 3:55 this morning.


Worth it because that mammo is important, y'all. It's not fun, no matter how nice Jackie the radiology lady was (and she was super nice). But it's done and hopefully I get to move on with other Anne stuff now. Like get myself treats all day because I had my mammogram.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Happy Hour

So my exercise week looks like this:
Monday -- hilly run
Tuesday -- swim
Wednesday -- long-ish run with tempo intervals
Thursday -- bike and strength training
Friday -- fun run
Saturday -- long run
Sunday -- blissful rest day
By the Friday fun run, I am pretty tired and don't have a lot left in my tank. But it's my favorite run of the week. It's no pressure and it's the run that settles down all of my ya-yas. It puts the week to bed and opens the door to the weekend's possibilities.

This morning I took a different route and though I run in the dark and thus don't have any spectacular vistas to look at, I could hear owls and smell the juniper bushes which was pretty great.

And if something turns out to be pretty great when it has no reason to, that's a happy hour indeed.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Focus: You Mad, Girl?

It's Wednesday and I'm linking up with DebRuns for the Wednesday Word link-up. All of us bloggers are writing about FOCUS today.

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Deb Runs

And now I'll show you a trick I found to stay focused.

Some things make me mad. Some people make me mad. (Running is a huge help with this.)

On Wednesdays, I'm doing some interval training. I'll go easy for 15 minutes, then hard for five and easy for two, repeating that 5-2 a few times before shuffling home. Trying to keep focus during that five minutes can be tricky.

But today, I went out for my run with someone on my mind who causes me a wee bit of stress. Do you have those people who hang out, uninvited and unwelcome, in your head? This person was there. When it came time for my first five-minute hard interval, I used that effort to chase that person out. And if, after a few minutes, my pace started to waver, I just thought, "You mad, girl?" and it'd zip right back up.

After a couple of intervals, the intruder was gone, but that became a pretty good mantra for the rest of my pick-ups today. "One minute left, you mad, girl?"

And now here I sit, typing this, a nice interval session behind me and I can guarantee that the only person in my head is a calm, ready-for-the-day Anne.

Monday, August 17, 2015

M is for Mileage

Mileage is on my mind.

I am in a Run-100-Miles-in-August challenge and right now I am at a pinch over 73 miles for the month. I haven't run a 100-mile month since, well, last August.

Even more milestone-y, this Saturday's long run calls for 14 miles. The last time I ran 14 miles was last summer. On that run, my PF hurt so bad that I came home and switched from the Richmond Marathon to the half.

This year, so far so good. I have my fingers crossed for this weekend. If I get through those 14 without heel trouble, I'm gonna buy myself a present (but don't tell Jim)!